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More information coming soon! In the meantime, here’s a great video showing you how to sing high notes

Many vocal coaches agree that we need to access head voice for middle voice (or both) as we ascend our vocal range.. The terms ‘head voice’ and middle voice’ can be somewhat confusing so let’s try and separate those out for a moment. Firstly though, let’s define the chest voice. I’ll use a tenor male as a reference point for the note definitions.

Chest voice (Modal Voice)

This mode refers to the extreme lowest note you are capable of singing right up to the point of about D4 in men and A4 in women.

In this mode the vocal folds vibrate using their full depth and therefore, produce the fullest tone.

Middle Voice (Tilt Voice)

This range covers the notes Eb4 to Ab4 in most males

Throughout this register, the vocal folds are gradually becoming more elongated, thinner in mass and tighter in resistance.

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